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Laura Lynne Daniels

I come from an artistic family and spent most of my life doing some form of artwork. I went to the Traphagen School of Fashion in NYC for Pattern Illustration and I also attended the Art Student’s League for fine art. I worked for a computerized clothing pattern company in NJ drawing sewing instructions for their patterns. I then had an opportunity to work for a major consumer product company in their telecommunications department and then later was promoted to their IT department as a computer support specialist and programmer.

Currently I work with mostly traditional art, but I also work with  digital art. I design dance costumes (I am also a seamstress, I normally sew the costumes I’ve designed) for ballroom and I also design logos. For my design work I always draw on paper and then when it’s finished I transfer it to the computer for layout. 

For my art, my favorite medius are pencil and soft pastels.   I have also worked in oils, pen & ink and watercolor.   I sell prints of my photography, but at the moment I am not selling prints of my artwork.   I mainly do it for my own pleasure and I also will take on commissions.

My photography over the past few years has turned to mainly wildlife and nature. I used to photograph dance performance photography and studio photography, but now I just concentrate on capturing nature and animals in photos. One of my favorite processes is black and white. 

I am from New Jersey, where I lived until 2008 when I, my husband and two dogs moved to Fort Worth, Texas. It was a big move, but a good one. Our daughter graduated from college here, she got married here and now they have a baby.

I volunteer at the Fort Worth Zoo by the giraffes and the elephants a few days a week. I have been there since they opened up their volunteer program in early 2018.    Before that I volunteered for about three years at the Dallas Zoo, again, by the elephants.   I have also recently taken up ice skating lessons, something I have always wanted to do.

My website is evolving, I am always hoping for it to be ready soon.   I hope you enjoy the website and thank you for visiting.